VI edycja Ogólnopolskiego Konkursu Wiedzy o Kanadzie

Discover Canada 2019


Strony internetowe podane w tabelce

Zaleca się korzystanie również z publikacji akademickich oraz innych wiarygodnych materiałów internetowych.

Canadian History and Political System

Canadian Geography

Polish Canadians

Canadian Films “Hands of History”,  dir. Loretta Todd,   NFB,  1994,  51 min

Canadian Literature and Art Stories by Alice Munro available online:

  1. “Train” (2012, Harper’s)

  1. “Face” (2008, The New Yorker)

  1.  “Passion” (2004, The New Yorker)

  1. “Runaway”  (2003, The New Yorker)

  1. “The Bear Came Over the Mountain” (1999, The New Yorker)

Indigenous People

Climate change adaptation: Consulting Canada’s Indigenous peoples

Minority Cultures

The Story of Indian Immigration to Canada

For the test on Canada  students are also expected to follow Canadian news – arts and political affairs.

The test will be based on the material related to the essay topics and Canadian news relating to arts and political affairs.